How to improve your Blog’s SEO rank? SEO Services Cochin


You may have quite a lot of content on your blog site as well as your website that talks in length about your company, brand or contain an optimum number of keywords and still fail to bring in potent web traffic or the expected SEO ranking. There could be many reasons for this drop in ranking or never being able to rank well. Some of them can be easily solved by taking some basic steps which SEO services Kochi can easily manage. Some others may require more time-taking processes such as building backlinks and guest posting. The main point is to focus on many aspects rather than only on the keywords or the backlinks. There are many other aspects of SEO that also contributes heavily and with the changing Google algorithms; you have to be ready with newer techniques or techniques that work according to the current algorithm. In fact, what was considered not quite important sometimes back such as media and customer reviews are now quite valuable when it comes to SEO ranking. Did you know that your URL can also contribute to your SEO ranking? There are many such small aspects when taken care of, brings about great changes in your website’s SEO and SERP ranks. Content still remains the king but it has diversified into text, graphics, audio and video which offers better flexibility.

Quality matters more than Quantity

This is definitely true when it comes to the backlinks that point to your website. While the number of links available on the World Wide Web that refers to your website does matter, Google has started analyzing the quality of those links rather than the quantity. This means that SEO services in Kochi cannot go around posting your links on all types of blog sites. Rather they have to be careful from where all the links are referred and make them available only on the reputed sites. Too much traffic coming into your site from a particular link within a short time, links coming from irrelevant websites and those coming from sites with a bad reputation can affect your reputation. So be careful about what backlinks you post where.


Think beyond the Keywords

Focus on the quality of content you publish on your page. Do not concentrate only on Keyword optimized content. Google has become more intelligent and now concentrates on the functionality of the content posted. While you cannot dismiss Keyword optimization, focus more on the functionality and information you post on your website. This automatically makes your site more authentic and brings in interested customers. Content remains the king and quality content that is related to your field and one which is informative to the audience is what your SEO services Cochin should concentrate on now. Another aspect to consider is the content’s variety. You definitely need to include relevant text and articles but also need to compliment them with infographics, images, external references and inbound links. Audio and video versions of your content will also be helpful in building a larger audience.


Reach out to Other Blogs

Keeping in touch with other sites who post related blogs and responding to interesting articles published by others is one way to get noticed. SEO services in Cochin can help with blog commenting and posting Guest Blogs on reputed blog sites that post articles related to your industry. This can get your site more connections and recognition. These connections can add value when you post similar articles on such sites.


Go Social

This is one important aspect of SEO that cannot be neglected. Social media sites are required to reach out to a larger audience of your target. Post your blogs on various social media sites to get noticed by more people. This will bring in quite a lot of traffic to your page. Include inbound links in your blogs so that the audience can traverse through the related pages. This will keep them on your page for longer and they will keep coming back for more if they find your blogs informative and interesting. This is definitely a big boost to your SEO ranking. Going social is not a big deal for SEO services Kerala. What they need to handle are the timing of the blogs, their titles and the content that should concur with the title. You can ask for an exclusive social media handle so that you can easily reach out to a larger audience through your interactive blogs. Use the remarks and comments to know what your potential customers are looking forward to and also how far you are able to reach out.


Go Mobile

Mobile SEO is something you cannot ignore these days. In fact, considering the amount of time we all spend on our mobiles, Mobile SEO is the most important aspect of SEO after the site content. It is important to make sure the content is available for various mobile devices and also includes mobile Keywords. Those using mobiles also depend on voice search more than text search. So enabling your content for voice search is also an important aspect of getting ready for mobile SEO. Just as local SEO is important, enabling your content for voice, media and image search are equally important to keep your pace steady with the high-competition you face.

Since there are a lot of aspects to consider, a better way to handle the SEO matters is to outsource them to the expert SEO services in Kerala rather than trying to explore it yourself. A less experienced hand can get your site into trouble as Google is changing their Algorithms and introducing strict penalties for those violating their SEO rules. Even unintentional steps can get your site in trouble and you may not even know it. An experienced SEO will have the knack and will know the techniques to bring in better web traffic in quality as well as quantity. You can start with monthly packs wherein you are at lower risks and then as you see and are convinced with the progress, you can enter into a long-term contract with the right SEO. With so many tools available online for checking the effectiveness of the SEO activities, you will not find it difficult to measure the effectiveness of your SEO activities.


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